Why the name Live Oak

We have built this Computer Science curriculum for Georgia High School students in mind. Georgia is our home, and we love the natural world that is found here.

Part of that natural world are the live oak trees that range from Texas, through the Gulf coast states, down to Florida, across Georgia, up through the Carolinas on into Virginia.

The “Live Oak” is actually the official state tree of Georgia.  You’ll find this strong, twisting, and adaptable oak tree in the southern coastal plain areas of our lovely state.

The live oak is firmly rooted, and yet it adapts and changes to better fit the ever changing winds and waves.  This is really the mindset we want to adopt, and help students adopt.

Change is the only thing that’s guaranteed on this earth.

We should be able to adapt to change in order to better our lives, and the lives around us.

However, we shouldn’t be so adaptable that we lose our footing and forget our roots.

This is where the Live Oak shines.  With roots firmly anchored in Georgia’s earth, and branches that swirl and writhe with the winds and waves, you have the best of both worlds.  Agile adaptability combined with rooted strength.

We see the roots of the Live Oak tree as our cultural heritage, our past, our shared histories, and our families.

The trunk of the tree are the teachers, mentors and leaders that support each new generation.

The branches and leaves are the newest generations.  The winds and waves are changing technology, evolving careers, and a constantly shifting world.

We look to the Live Oak for inspiration.  The world must change so we must change with it, but we will always be firmly rooted in the lessons of the past.

Our practical aim is to encourage and inspire students to embrace an ever changing world.  We want to help push young people to be life-long learners and self starters.

Technology is just a tool.  However, if you build the right mindset, you can open up a wild world of opportunity for yourself by leveraging the amazing tools and technologies this modern world affords us.

Come, learn something new with Live Oak!