Why Computer Science and Digital Literacy Opens Doors for Homeschool Students

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, its lasting impact and many uncertainties, a surging number of families are choosing homeschooling for their children. As the Home School Legal Defense Association estimated, “8.5 million American children would be homeschooled in the fall.” To prepare for the homeschooling curriculum, the Live Oak Academy would like to suggest that on-line computer science education may be an appealing option for many families. We are that studying Computer Science courses online will offer you the following five benefits:

  1. Easy Access

Digital literacy is essential for young-generation students to prepare for their employment opportunities in the very soon future. However, many educational facilities in Georgia do not have in-school Computer Science courses, and some parents also do not feel comfortable teaching this important subject to their children. As a result, many interested students face barriers of accessing to coherent, edge-cutting and easy-to-understand Computer Science learning materials. Nevertheless, the Live Oak  Academy is going to solve this problem! The Academy is currently offering online, well-designed Computer Science curriculum for homeschooling students. This online curriculum means that all homeschooling students, no matter where you live, can remotely embrace the top-tiered technology skills with easy access through your internet connections. The Live Oak Academy teaches multiple interdisciplinary skills through game design, web design, and other project-based learnings. Students can easily access these step-by-step tutorial videos by simply logging into the LiveOak Portal from any web browser on any device. Furthermore, the Live Oak portal also takes advantage of the technologies and integrations your school needs to get connected. We have already integrated with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), Single sign-on (SSO), Student Information System (SIS), ClassLink, Clever, Canvas and many other online learning management systems. Learning Computer Science at home has never been made so easy. To access the world’s edge-cutting technology skills from your desk, all you need is the internet connection and the Live Oak Academy.

  1. Affordable Costs

Creating your own websites, games and apps sounds extremely exciting, and the cost to study these skills is also appealing. For Live Oak’s computer science courses, the cost for one homeschooling student to access our full education service is $90/year, $120 for two students, and $180 for three or more students. The unbeatable course price means that if you have two or more students at home, the cost for each homeschooling student to study the life-changing skillsets will be less than 60 dollars for the whole year, and the daily education fee will be below 0.16 USD per day! Moreover, with the $60 annual tuition fee, you are not only buying the world’s top-tier Computer Science courses, but we will also provide you with the robust customer service, strong implementation support and constantly-updated materials and resources that will inform you about industry developments. Hiring a true Computer Science professional to teach CS courses for homeschooling students can be very expensive. However, with Live Oak, you get a whole team of CS specialists devoted to helping you pursue your direct interests in this fast-growing industry. 

  1. Learning at your own pace

The LiveOak Academy’s curriculum does not require you to have any background knowledge in the Computer Science field. Our courses started with the “CS Basics” and “Introduction to CS”, but the curriculum also covers many edge-cutting topics such as internet of things, cybersecurity, programming and web development. All Live Oak courses are embedded with empirically vetted principles of learning that will lead to increased motivation, enriched cognitive development, and a heightened sense of disciplinary and self-efficacy among homeschooling students.​ No matter what is your current familiarity with programming and coding, we will design the right-level, exciting CS projects for you, and we will provide rewindable instructions and industry-relevant materials for you to help you learn the CS skillsets at your own comfortable pace. Furthermore, the Live Oak CS courses are specially tailored for highschool students, and the Academy’s curriculum meets Georgia CS course standards. Georgia Department of Education has already required all Georgia Schools to implement CS curriculum by 2025, and college admissions are also stressing students’ CS capabilities. Therefore, manifesting the programming skills will definitely become a bonus to your college application! 

  1. Boost digital literacy

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we see more and more people are working remotely and an increasing number of companies are shifting their businesses to the virtual forefront. Indeed, the demands for digital literacy increase dramatically overnight, and understanding Computer Science will become a necessity for every homeschooling student to adapt the new normalcy in the post-COVID-19 world. Even before the COVID-19’s outbreak, digital contents’ accelerating development has already created countless new employment opportunities in the Information Technology (IT) industry with immense economic benefits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics assessed a 12% growth rate in the employment of computer and information technology occupations between 2018 and 2028, and this is “much faster than the average for all occupations.” Furthermore, “the median annual wage for computer and information technology occupations was $88,240 in May 2019, which was substantially higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of $39,810.” In Georgia alone, the Tech company is bringing $53 billion economic revenues and 246,000 IT-related jobs to the state. Considering the massive employment opportunities and economic benefits of the IT industry, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, Medicine recognized that “the education system will need to adapt to prepare individuals for the changing labor market.” The Live Oak is answering the National Academies’s call, and we are committed to promoting computer science education and digital literacy among homeschooling students in Georgia. We believe that “the world is changing: change brings challenges, but challenges bring creativity. Embracing technology and understanding its potential empowers us to meet these challenges fully equipped with the creative foresight and foundational knowledge to solve problems in real-time.”

  1. Some extra income!

Unlike other traditional courses, understanding coding and programming is a skill, and this in-demand technology skill can bring actual income to homeschooled students. Taking LiveOak’s founder– Kemble as an example, Kemble started designing websites for local Atlanta businesses when he was fourteen. Building websites helped Kemble pay for his first computer, and from there, Kemble further grew his little business by designing graphics for web clients, and Kemble started an online manufacturing company making rubber ink stamps. The income from his little business helped Kemble pay for his college tuition and his first few cars. Beyond earning extra income, Live Oak believes that many home-schooling students also have the entrepreneur dream to be the next Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. As businesses revolve around using the internet, Live Oak would love to help you furnish your digital skills to become the future innovation leader!

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