Live Oak provides a cost effective, all-in-one digital courseware solution, offering unparalleled support, high quality curriculum, and engaging, project-based instruction — all for a fraction of the cost of a textbook.

Instructional Content

Live Oak provides exceptional curriculum and instructional content that is scoped and sequenced to support delivery of entire courses and multi-course pathways. 

Purpose-Built Software

Live Oak was built for the explicit purpose of providing curricular, instructional, and administrative support for teachers — and thereby positively impacting student success. 

Personalized Assessment

Live Oak offers customizable assessment methods that are designed to demonstrate student learning within courses and across curricular pathways.

Live Oak All-In-One Courseware

Live Oak courseware consists of comprehensive teaching, learning, assessment, and reporting tools developed for all aspects of computer science education. Featuring high quality, project-based curricula presented in a learner-centered instructional context, Live Oak brings industry-relevant, dynamic computer science content to teachers and learners in all educational environments.


Live Oak supports LTI integrations with popular learning management systems (LMS) and student information systems (SIS) for administrative convenience.

Standards Alignment

Live Oak enables the alignment of all curricula, curriculum pathways, and assessments to district, state, and national standards and learning outcomes for computer science.

Tracking and Reporting

Live Oak enables the monitoring of curricular progress by tracking the access and completion of assignments and activities, and the generation of reports that depict these data.

Unparalleled Support

At Live Oak, we prioritize the needs of the teachers who engage with our courseware because we know that confident, well-prepared teachers lead to motivated, successful students.  The challenges of online and hybrid learning environments only add to the existing demands and complexities of the profession. Our goal is to help create capacity for computer science teachers by providing an easy to use courseware solution and standing by with support every step of the way.

Onboarding and Training

The Live Oak team works to support our education partners every step of the way, starting with a customized onboarding plan and robust resources to ensure a successful rollout and ongoing user satisfaction.

Personalized Support

We never want our teacher-partners to feel alone in their efforts, so the Live Oak team provides CS teachers with personalized support in the form of just-in-time live chat availability and one-on-one virtual assistance via video.

Professional Development

The computer science and education experts at Live Oak are eager to support teachers through inservice training and other professional development events surrounding learner-centered, CS instruction.