Answers to your questions about the Live Oak CS Courseware.

How do we focus on your school's needs?

The Live Oak team is here to provide support for students, teachers, and schools as computer science concepts are introduced at scale.  Live Oak courseware provides is a turnkey solution that takes the pressure off teachers, gives students a top-tier CS education, and provides schools with an economically-sensible solution.

Does Live Oak offer personalized
support for teachers?

Indeed, we do! Our mission is to simplify the process of teaching computer science for teachers and to make high quality curriculum and instruction available for students everywhere. We know not all teachers feel completely comfortable teaching computer science content, so the Live Oak team provides comprehensive lesson plans, just-in-time support via live chat, and enriching professional development opportunities to increase teacher confidence and capacity! 

Is the curriculum compliant with statewide and national standards for CS?

Live Oak was born and raised in Georgia, crafted in response to the legislation passed by the state as SB 108, which requires all Georgia schools to offer computer sciences courses by 2024. As such, Live Oak curriculum has been developed with a focus on state department of education standards, regional CTAE standards, and standards articulated nationally by CSTA. Our courseware provides granular and programmatic alignment with standards and provides enriching portfolio-based assessments mapped to longitudinal learning outcomes.

Currently, Live Oak offers curricular alignment with standards developed in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Is Live Oak mobile friendly?

The Live Oak Portal is completely mobile friendly, allowing students to access the courseware on any device available to them. In this way, students can continue learning outside the classroom environment on their laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and mobile phones!

Do students need to be good at math and physics to do CS?

Live Oak CS applies high school level math concepts including geometry and trigonometry to create 2D games that are fun to design, build, and play. Math and physics come into play,  but they aren’t difficult to learn in the context of programming and game creation.  As long as students understand the basics, they’ll be able to increase their math and physics skills by using them in practical and meaningful ways. 

Students Want to Know...

How can I get into a good school?

The Live Oak curriculum facilitates learning through a project based system. It is our belief that projects lead to portfolios, portfolios lead to interviews, interviews lead to internships, internships lead to relationships, and relationships lead to careers. Among the most important things to consider when pursuing your education or your career is to know your strengths and to be able to communicate your interests and capabilities. Knowing what you know — and what you still need to learn to meet your goals — is critical for your continued success.

Students Want to Know...

Why should I learn to program?

Not everyone will become a programmer, and not everyone should! However, software will change our world more than anyone can imagine over the next 50 years. Digital literacy and computational thinking have never been so important, and learning to code gives you the opportunity to develop these skills by highlighting the structures and patterns found within complex systems. In order to thrive in the 21st century workplace, you don’t need to be a programmer, but you do need to know how to think logically, solve problems creatively, and communicate effectively. 

Does Live Oak provide training materials?

Live Oak supports both teachers and students in the journey to learn computer science. Our all-in-one courseware has been designed as a comprehensive solution for addressing teacher capacity by providing classroom ready projects, activities, and (auto-scored) assessments. All Live Oak CS curricula include scoped and sequenced lesson plans and instructional materials.  Our goal is to empower teachers to become confident CS instructors by providing them with high quality, pedagogically rich curriculum and ongoing support and guidance. 

Why Live Oak CS courseware?

Schools across the nation are faced with requirements for offering computer science courses, but relatively few teachers are prepared to meet this added demand. Training teachers from math, science, business, and other disciplines to teach computer science is no small task. A diverse and rapidly evolving discipline, computer science necessitates the development of skill sets that are not immediately transferrable from other disciplines and that stretch the capacity, comfort, and confidence of many teachers new to the subject. Live Oak provides comprehensive courseware designed by computer science professionals and education experts that enables school administrators to offer a top-tier CS curriculum while supporting the curricular and instructional needs of their faculty

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