Answers to your questions about the Live Oak Curricular Courseware.

We focus on your school's needs?

We are here to help Georgia students, teachers, and schools.  Our Live Oak Computer Science curriculum is a turn-key solution that takes the pressure off teachers, gives students a top-tier CS education, and provides schools with an economically-sensible solution.

Personalized support for teachers?

Our mission is to make the journey of computer science education easy for teachers. Computer science is not a simple topic, and teachers need the proper training to effectively educate their students in the foundational principles of computer science.

Compliant with Georgia's CS standards?

The Live Oak courseware and curriculum have been designed to be 100% compliant with the legislation Georgia recently passed known as SB 108. The state of Georgia is requiring that all Georgia schools add computer science courses to their curriculum by 2024. Our 15 CS classes form the 9 GA CS pathways.  We have worked to ensure these courses all interlock to form a powerful portfolio for GA high school students. 

Here at Live Oak we realize that it is no easy task for schools to train their teachers and build a full fledged CS curriculum with limited time and resources. To help schools tackle this challenge with confidence our Live Oak CS courseware is turn-key, and can fully teach students in-system.

Mobile Friendly?

The Live Oak Portal is completely mobile friendly meaning that students can utilize whichever devices that are readily available to them. In this way, students can continue learning outside the classroom environment on their laptops, tablets and mobile phones!

Questions students ask

When will I ever use this math?

Live Oak CS Applies high school level math concepts including geometry and trigonometry to designing 2D games that are fun to design, build and play while helping students learn industry skill sets that will open doors to future careers in CS and many other industries.  As we transition to a highly tech based society, businesses are looking for individuals who are prepared for computational thinking, creative problem solving, and have excellent digital literacy and competency skills.

How can I get into a good school?

The Live Oak curriculum facilitates learning through a project based system. It is our belief that projects lead to portfolios, portfolios lead to interviews, interviews lead to internships, internships lead to relationships, and relationships lead to careers.

Why should I learn to program?

Not everyone will become a programmer, and not everyone should! However, software will change our world more than anyone can imagine over the next 50 years. In order to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace you need to know how complex systems work. Not every student needs to be a programmer, but all students need to be able to think critically.  Live Oak focuses on training students to think critically and apply concepts in mathematics and physics.

Questions Teachers ask?

Does Live Oak support teachers?

Our mission is to make the journey of computer science education easy for teachers. Computer science is not a simple topic, and teachers need the proper training to effectively educate their students in the foundational principles of computer science.

Does Live Oak provide training materials?

Live Oak supports both teachers and students in the journey to learn computer science. Our curricular courseware was designed to train instructors and student in tandem. We focus on empowering teachers with our Live Oak CS-teacher-crash-course training materials.  The more the teachers learn, the better their CS class performs. However, our videos can fully teach the class with or without an in class facilitator.

Questions Administrators ask?

Questions Administrators ask?

Is it important to integrate CS?

SB 108: Are you prepared? The state of Georgia will be requiring computer science classes for all high school students by 2024. Your school’s teachers will need to be prepared to meet this requirement! Training math, science, business, and other teachers from different disciplines to teach computer science is no small task!  CS is a vast skill set that is hard to teach overnight. Live Oak is designed to help schools comply with these standards without the need to hire CS experts. 

Who does Live Oak focus on?

Live Oak supports the journey of learning computer science by equipping teachers with the necessary tools to make them comfortable and confident STEM educators within the classroom and equipping students with the required skills to become confident and competitive in their pursuit of career opportunities and furthering education.

Why blended learning?

Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace.

Why courseware?

Courseware is educational material intended as kits for teachers or trainers or as tutorials for students, usually packaged for use with a computer.  The presentation of course material in this way allows students to learn industry skill sets from top industry professionals and give students the ability to continue learning even whey they are outside the classroom.

Want to learn more?

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