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Curriculum for Georgia Schools

With the passing of SB 108, the state of Georgia has legislated that all middle and high schools are required to offer computer science classes by 2024. The Live Oak team is committed to supporting Georgia’s schools and teachers in this effort by developing turnkey solutions that provide outstanding computer science courses to all students across the state.

The State of Computer Science in Georgia

As part of its statewide Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) program, the Georgia Department of Education has identified an Information Technology Career Cluster, which is designed to engage students in hands-on learning and prepare them for careers that create, utilize, modify, and otherwise depend upon technology skills.*


The Information Technology Career Cluster includes three foundational courses to be offered at the middle school level:


The Information Technology Career Cluster includes 10 technology-focused pathways for high school students, each containing three courses:

Live Oak provides an all-in-one courseware and curriculum solution for Georgia schools. To assist schools in meeting the curricular needs for computer science, we offer the following courses, each of which is aligned with a distinctive set of standards articulated by the Georgia Department of Education: 

All Live Oak CS Courses Feature...