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Top tier Computer Science Courses for K-12 Students in the South East


We believe all students should have access to cutting edge S.T.E.A.M education to learn transferable technology skills


We believe all teachers should be equipped with the necessary tools to confidently teach their students the technology skills they need to be successful.


We think school administrators should have access to top-tier technologies that won't create a financial burden for their institution


“The world is changings: change brings challenges, but challenges bring creativity. Embracing technology and understanding its potential empowers us to meet these challenges fully equipped with the creative foresight and foundational knowledge to solve problems in real time. Embrace the challenge and conquer through creativity!”

Applied Skills

Apply math concepts to solve problems 100%
Critical Thinking
Working with complex systems 100%
Project Management
Practice managing technical projects 100%
Database Design
Learn DB design, implementation and maintenance 100%


The Live Oak CS Portal is full of features that will help teachers and students to thrive.

2D Game Design Curriculum

Meets GA CS Standards

LMS/LTI Support

Online Video Curriculum

Project based Learning

Step by Step Tutorial Videos

Online Teacher Support

Teacher Training Guide

Training Support for Teachers

Why Live Oak CS?

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Our customer service representatives focus on handling questions and comments as efficiently and timely as possible to provide the information you need about our product.

Curriculum Development

Our courses are embedded with empirically vetted principles of learning that lead to increased motivation, enriched cognitive development, and a heightened sense of disciplinary- and self-efficacy among students.​


The Live Oak Computer Science online video courseware can fully teach students computer science courses with or without a teacher present allowing students to continue learning outside the classroom

Implementation Support

Post-implementation support is what happens when you engage with our product to ensure appropriate levels of resources, rapid response times and coordination of efforts are available.


The Live Oak Computer Science curriculum is dynamic, meaning that it is updated constantly to ensure industry relevance and a smooth learning process at a price that is far more affordable than classroom textbooks.


The Live Oak Computer Science platform gives teachers a turn-key CS curriculum that is tailor made for high school students and meets Georgia CS course standards.

Professional Development

Teachers can use this curriculum to further their own education and professional development to maintain their professional credentials and expand their skill set.

Progress Tracking

Tracking progress is one of the most important tasks for schools and teachers to keep them informed about the performance of their system and give them the insight and ability to make adjustments and thrive.

Cost Effective

Hiring a true Computer Science professional to teach CS to students is almost always cost-prohibitive. However, with Live Oak you get a whole team of CS specialists to teach your students.


Prior to attending the Live Oak game development course, I had zero experience in programming. Live Oak made programming easy to understand and built up my confidence to continue developing this new skill.
Andrew W.
High School

Learn through Code

We teach multiple interdisciplinary skills through game design, web design, and computer science principles. Students want exciting, relevant, challenging CS projects. Students can learn at their own pace, rewind the instructor, and know they’re learning industry relevant materials.

Live Oak Computer Science works to empower both teachers and students through a cutting-edge curriculum featuring pertinent programming skillsets instilled through project based learning.


I was so happy to see Live Oak offer such a fun class to introduce children to programming. My son had such a fun time building games and collaborating with the other students to solve problems.
Kathy W.

Prepare for the future


Live Oak CS provides students with a manifestation of their learning, which makes them more engaged and motivated. A textbook alone doesn't do that.
Joan W.

Don't break your budget

The state of Georgia will be requiring computer science classes for all high school students by 2024.  Few schools can actually hire a CS professional to teach CS classes…It’s cost prohibitive. Teachers can not be expected to take a few CS classes and become confident, qualified instructors of CS concepts. Asking teachers to retool for teaching CS is like asking teachers to become an architect or doctor in their free time to better instruct students; it’s not realistic. Hiring a full time CS professional to teach in-class can cost up to $100k annually; with Live Oak, principals can afford not only one professional tech instructor, but an entire team.

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