Live Oak is

Top Tier Computer Science Courseware and Curriculum for K-12 Students

Live Oak delivers an all-in-one digital courseware solution to students, teachers, and administrators to meet the educational needs of an increasingly technological world and workforce.


We believe all students should have access to cutting-edge content and quality instruction to learn valuable, transferable technology skills.


We believe all teachers should be equipped with the necessary tools to confidently teach their students the technology skills they need to be successful.


We believe all administrators should have access to high-quality curricula that benefits their students without financially burdening their institutions.

Why Live Oak CS?

Because CS should be for all students, everywhere.


Only 40% of the high schools in the Southern United States offer computer science classes, compared to 65% of the high schools in the Northeast.*


Across the US, only 26% of high schools located in rural communities offer computer science courses, compared to 53% in suburban and 61% in urban communities.*

Because building teacher capacity makes a difference.


According to the National Survey of Science and Mathematics Education, only 44% of high school teachers who are teaching computer science courses are certified to teach computer science.* Professional development is critical for teacher confidence and student success.


Each year, 64% of high school computer science teachers participate in some form of professional development. Of those teachers, more than 50% have participated in 36 hours or more of professional development related to computer science or computer science teaching within the past three years *.

Because quality matters.


Of the high school computer science instructional materials currently in use, 83% were published in 2015 or earlier, with 33% of those materials published in or prior to 2009 *. Many instructional resources in use today have become irrelevant and obsolete.


Nationally, only 26% of all high school computer science courses use instructional materials designated by the state, district, or diocese.* This lack of uniformity creates a disjointed curriculum and raises questions about quality, coherence, and equity.

Live Oak CS provides a comprehensive, all-in-one digital courseware solution, offering high quality curriculum and engaging, project-based instruction for elementary, middle, and high school students.

With a focus on student-centered learning, Live Oak CS provides exceptional curriculum and instructional content that is scoped and sequenced to support delivery of entire courses and multi-course pathways. From robust, standards-aligned lesson plans –that include both online and offline hands-on activities– to formative and summative assessments, our team provides teachers with a full range of resources and support to confidently lead their CS classes.

Live Oak CS was built for the sole purpose of providing curricular, instructional, and administrative support for teachers — and thereby positively impacting student success. Our high quality, cohesively designed computer science curriculum engages and motivates students with hands-on, project-based activities that result in authentic, sharable products. The Live Oak CS portal offers auto-graded assessments, an exportable gradebook, curriculum mapping and alignment with state and national standards, progress reporting, and other features designed to facilitate the documentation of student learning.

Live Oak CS courseware includes formative and summative assessments that are designed to demonstrate student learning within courses and across curricular pathways comprised of multiple courses. All assessments are aligned with clearly articulated course-level learning outcomes, as well as state and national standards. Comprehensive capstone projects and portfolio-based presentations feature prominently among the Live Oak CS assessment methods.

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